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Hylofit App Hylofit App Hylofit App

Membership options:
Starting at $9.99/month Membership Plans are available in the app, after downloading from the App Store or Google Play.
$250 one-time purchase for a Lifetime Membership is available here on our website.

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Membership to the Hylofit App comes with many perks. Join the club!

Here’s what membership to our exclusive app includes:

  • Monitor impact of training on both you and your horse with real-time ride stats
  • Measure and track resting heart rate to monitor overall health and wellbeing
  • Unique video overlay with heart rate for training feedback
  • Multiple horse profiles
  • Access to our Apple Watch app
  • A dedicated, exclusive Training Center full of tips and tricks from top riders
  • Ability to share rides with other users - start an accountability challenge with your barn mates or share rides with your trainer!
  • Access to the Hylofit web app for analyzing your ride data at home or watching shared rides in real-time
  • Subscription to an exclusive monthly member email newsletter
  • And so much more!

We know that flexibility is important to you, so we’ve designed three different membership plans for the Hylofit App:

  • Lifetime: $250 (one-time purchase, best value - $599 total with hardware)
  • Yearly: $99 per year (billed through App store)
  • Monthly: $9.99 per month (billed through App store)

We are also always seeking to improve our product. Any updates to our software do not require any hardware upgrades and are sent over the air as an app update.

To purchase the Hylofit System or the System with Lifetime Membership, click here.