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Your Horse Might Not Speak
But His Heart Can Tell You A Lot.

The Hylofit System is a heart rate monitor for horse and rider that provides real-time feedback and post-ride insights for both athletes. With wireless hardware and an intuitive app and web platform, Hylofit provides insights into the emotional and physical state of your horse.

with horse HR transmitter
chest HR transmitter
phone and web platforms

Informed training in the saddle and in the barn.

Are you pushing your horse too hard? Not enough?
Would you like to know if he is happy, stressed or in pain?

Heart rate acts as the voice of the horse, providing critical information to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of your horse.

In each gait, and at rest, your horse's heart rate tells a story. Monitoring heart rate regularly creates an important "big picture" of your horse's health that he may not be able to tell you about himself.

The wireless Hylofit equine heart rate monitor is simple to use, requires no charging, and provides data for both the performance rider and the recreational rider. Our horses deserve to have a voice. Hylofit helps give them one. 

With Hylofit you Know Your Ride.

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