Hylofit users participate in a variety of both recreational and competitive disciplines with their horses. Having access to consistent training tools is important for success, regardless of competitive goals.

Consistent training programs offer many benefits for both horse and rider — and tracking heart rate is an important way to analyze the efficacy of such a program.

Together with training experts in multiple disciplines, we have designed and collaborated on several general training plans intended to be used by riders at different levels. Keep an eye on this page as we continue to add more training plans designed to assist with getting you and your horse in better shape.

General Fitness and Conditioning: Hylofit Training Club

The Hylofit Training Club is a 7-week light conditioning and fitness program designed for riders of all disciplines and levels. This program is intended to supplement an existing program and is useful for establishing a conditioning routine. We also introduce the idea of monitoring heart rate and using this data to learn more about your horse. 

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Eventing Fitness and Conditioning: Jane Sleeper's Training Plan for Beginner Novice through Preliminary

Jane Sleeper is a five-star event rider who now enjoys training and producing young horses and riders. Her background includes a 10th place individual finish at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games as well as numerous completions at what is now known as the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

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General/Eventing Fitness and Conditioning: Erin Pullen's Training Plan for Legging Horses Back Up

Erin Pullen, a native of Lexington, Kentucky, was introduced to horses at a young age. Competing in her first horse trials at the age of 5, she quickly fell in love with sport and the partnership with her horses. Growing up in Lexington, she began galloping and training race horses, all the while retraining retired Thoroughbreds to be event horses.

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