Hylofit is here to support and inspire riders as we slowly and safely get back into regular training and, with some hope, competing. Visit this page for access to training content, inspirational comeback stories, and to nominate a peer for the #BackInTheSaddle Award.

Training Inspiration: Hylofit Training Center

We've collaborated with several top professional riders across multiple disciplines to create guidelines for training and conditioning. Download a PDF copy for your own program in the Hylofit Training Center. More training plans will be added regularly. Access the Hylofit Training Center and learn from riders such as Eliane van Reesema, Jane Sleeper, Erin Pullen, Karl Slezak, Pam Bailie, and more to come!


Hylofit Training Center


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#BackInTheSaddle: A Nomination Award

#BackInTheSaddle is intended to help a horse and rider who are on the road to a comeback. Whether it’s returning from an injury, a hiatus from riding, a blow to the confidence, or any other sort of comeback, we want to hear your stories. Who has inspired you lately?

You can nominate a friend, family member, barn mate, etc. who is on a comeback journey of sorts for this prize. We simply want to know their story — how have they inspired you? What odds are they overcoming? 

Perhaps they have a horse coming back from an injury or they’re getting back in the saddle after a few years off. Maybe they’ve had their biggest competition season yet derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the story is, we want to hear it.

We'll collect nominations through June 30, 2020 and our team will select one winner to receive a Hylofit System. 

As a bonus and a thank you for your participation, we'll also enter your name into a pool of nominators as long as you share this award on your social media channel(s). Simply tag us using @hylofit or send a screenshot of your post to sally@hylonome.com by June 30 to enter to win a Hylofit System for yourself! 

Nominate Someone for the Hylofit #BackInTheSaddle Award: