The Hylofit System


The Hylofit System
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Please note: As of December 31, 2020, the Hylofit app will no longer be in service. If you are still interested in purchasing Hylofit transmitters and attachments, you may do so with the understanding that you will need to pair the device(s) with another third party app in order to read your data. All data on Hylofit's cloud should be exported or it will be lost after December 31. Thank you for your understanding. For more information, click here

Peace of mind, without the hefty price tag. The Hylofit System offers real-time heart rate monitoring, performance tracking, and ride sharing for riders of all levels and disciplines.

What if you could back up what you feel with real data? The Hylofit System is a wireless heart rate monitor for horses and riders. Heart rate is an indicator of pain, anxiety, tension, and illness. Get access to heart rate data for every horse in your barn, available at your fingertips in the free Hylofit app.

Hylofit is an easy addition to any program. Whether you’re a full-time professional rider, a rider who doesn’t compete, or somewhere in between, Hylofit helps you truly #KnowYourRide. 

Why is Hylofit beneficial?

  • Allows riders to monitor heart rate statistics for fitness/training as well as overall health and wellbeing
  • Hylofit also tracks rider heart rate
  • Both transmitters are wireless and require no charging - simply pair and go!
  • Hylofit is waterproof

Why ride with Hylofit?

  • Monitoring heart rate regularly provides insight into what is normal for each horse
  • Useful for monitoring fitness, recovery from injury, anxiety, and everyday health
  • Are you in sync with your horse, or is one of you working harder than the other? Find out by tracking your own heart rate using Hylofit
  • Heart rate data is available in real time using the Hylofit app 
  • Post-ride insights and analytics 
  • Ability to share horse profiles with coaches, owners, veterinarians, etc.
  • No membership required!

Your new Hylofit System will come with the following components:

  • Horse girth attachment with velcro retention straps
  • Rider chest strap
  • Horse heart rate monitor
  • Rider heart rate monitor
  • Instruction Manual

We recommend using Gel with your Hylofit for the best data readings. Add a tube of Gel to your shopping cart for just $5.

Here's what riders are saying about Hylofit:

“My favorite thing about the Hylofit though, especially compared to other systems I’ve used, is that it’s easy and simple.” - The $900 Facebook Pony blog

“I never ride without it.” - Reviewer Kelly H. on SmartPak

“Rehabbing my jumper just got so much easier! It took out all the guesswork.” - Reviewer TNHunterjumper on SmartPak

“I LOVE the Hylofit system!! Hylofit not only helps me condition my off-track Thoroughbred for endurance riding but maintain her health and overall well-being.” - Reviewer Dixie K. on Amazon

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