Hylofit Girth Attachment and Horse Transmitter


Hylofit Girth Attachment and Horse Transmitter

The Hylofit Girth Attachment holds the Hylofit heart monitor for horses and fits onto virtually any girth or cinch. Included with this set is the Girth Attachment, three velcro retention straps to ensure the right fit and a Hylofit Horse Transmitter. Simply snap the transmitter into your Girth Attachment and pair with the Hylofit App. Use Hylofit to monitor heart rate statistics for fitness/training as well as overall health and wellbeing.

If your program has multiple horses using Hylofit, consider adding more Girth Attachments to fit your needs.

We recommend using Gel with your Hylofit for the best data readings. Add a tube of Gel to your shopping cart for just $5.