Product Review: Hylofit for the Holidays

In case you haven’t seen it already, there’s some great videos online of multiple upper level riders and eventers gallivanting out cross country with all of the corresponding data that helps them condition their horses to prep for the big events. They can use the data for heart rate — both theirs and their horse’s — to better understand and customize their conditioning plans for each horse as well as themselves. The more fit they are, the better they can ride, and the more fit their horses are, the better they can perform the tasks at hand.

While it may be easy to see the benefits for upper level riders, especially in disciplines such as endurance and eventing, I was curious to learn how it could help someone such as myself — essentially a “weekend warrior.” I do try to ride several days a week, but with more horses than I care to admit to, a busy work schedule that often includes business travel and no actual ring on my property (we hack on trails, in the fields and jump track and through the woods), I had some questions that I hoped data could answer.

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