Hylofit: Know Your Ride

Looking for a rundown of how Hylofit works and how it can help your horse? Look no further than this recap from Equine America Magazine
Why heart rate? Heart rate acts as the “voice” of the horse, providing critical information for a quicker understanding of what is actually going on (intense workload, stress, pain), which leads to a more effective response by you, the human.
Using Hylofit to monitor equine heart rate can help eliminate some of the guesswork that comes with conditioning the horse, monitoring and moderating exertion, etc.
For example, if a horse’s heart rate is above normal one day, perhaps you should check the horse’s vital signs. Perhaps they are ill. Perhaps the weather is too hot. Or perhaps there’s an injury afoot—does the heart rate rise when tracking left, but remains normal tracking right? This is undeniably valuable information.
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