Equine Innovations: Must-Have Apps for Equestrians


Today, most of us rely heavily on technology to simplify all aspects of our lives, from communication to organization. On average, Americans check their smartphones once every 12 minutes, and many report experiencing anxiety or feeling unsettled when their phones are off or out of reach.

This makes sense; our phones often contain apps that help us juggle the endless activities and commotion surrounding our daily lives. And the options are seemingly endless — we have apps to tell us about the weather, to help us keep track of our fitness and finances, and even to build our grocery lists.

Considering how integral this technology is to modern life, it comes as no surprise that apps are also starting to make an impact on the horse world. There are a variety of options available that cater to every equestrian, from the casual pleasure rider to the broodmare manager at a top Thoroughbred farm.

No matter who they are designed for, these apps often share one common goal: to simplify horse care and provide instant access to important information.

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