Chase Your Dreams at a 2019 Hylofit USEA Classic Series Event!

From professionals to amateurs, the Hylofit USEA Classic Series offers something for everyone. To some, Classic Series events are the pinnacle of their careers, as completing a classic long-format event at any level is quite an achievement.

Additional training and conditioning for both horse and rider is required to master the grueling endurance day, where competitors must complete four phases: A (roads and tracks), B (steeplechase), C (roads and tracks), and D (cross-country). A rider’s mental game must also be strong in order to organize and plan their strategies across the extended days of a long-format event. It is no secret that those who put a Hylofit USEA Classic Series event on their competition calendar will be in for a lot of hard work, fun rides, and ultimate education as they get to experience the thrill of the ‘chase!

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