Building Confidence in the Horse: With Rodrigo Pessoa & Tristan Tucker

Things that are impossible: traveling at the speed of light, sneezing with eyes open, and a dressage trainer and a showjumping trainer agreeing on how to train the same horse.

Or so we thought.

Last weekend, we attended a clinic focused on reducing stress and creating confidence in the horse. Sponsored by Hylofit, the demonstration was performed by Australian dressage trainer and TRT-method creator, Tristan Tucker, along with showjumping superstar Rodrigo Pessoa.

Armed with Hylofit’s state-of-the-art system for monitoring both rider and equine heart rates in real-time, Mr. Tucker coached Mr. Pessoa through a series of training techniques with some of his spookiest and most nervous jumpers. The audience observed as the anxious horses became visibly relaxed, and BPMs (beats per minute) dropped from overexcited levels (often well over 100) to resting levels (closer to 35) despite the introduction of loud noises, whirling plastic bags, and even (cue horror movie music) an umbrella! With heart rate data projected onto a large screen, the proof of the efficacy of Mr. Tucker’s TRT-method was there for everyone to see.

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