Hylonome was one of the Kentaurides (female centaurs). She was present at the battle against the Lapiths and by many accounts, was the only “named” female centaur in Greek Mythology. 


Centaurs are complex. They are half human and half horse; half primal nature and half civilized nature. But the epitome of the centaur significance is its ability to merge opposites and form a cohesive whole. Though the centaur has two hearts in one body she is able to create balance from within, which leads to her external equilibrium. The centaur symbolizes the importance of balanced training as a critical factor of increased performance and greater wellbeing.

At Hylonome we value the connection between horse and rider and recognize the uniqueness of two athletes working as one. With our first product, Hylofit, we track the performance of both horse and rider. Through workload analytics and heart rate monitoring we educate our users on the impact of a training session and also provide insights into the individual effort levels of each athlete during any given workout. At Hylonome, we promote the health and wellbeing of both horse and human athletes. We know that horse and rider, when working in concert, can strive to achieve the centaur’s balance of oneness.

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