Using Hylofit with Other Technology

When the Hylofit app is discontinued after 12/31/2020, users will still be able to use their hardware with other heart rate apps. In order to ease the transition for our customers and provide as much flexibility going forward, we have answered the most commonly asked questions below.

PLEASE NOTE -- while there are many other heart rate apps to choose from, no other app will allow you to pair two transmitters and thereby get the heart rates of both horse and rider. All the instructions below assume you are using the new apps to pair your horse transmitter and record your horse’s heart rate.

Will Hylofit pair with other devices?

Absolutely. Hylofit’s transmitters work on dual-frequency technology, meaning that the transmitter can pair in two different ways OR with two different receivers at a time (one via BLE and the other via ANT+). Any phone based app will require the transmitter to pair to the phone via BLE (the way you pair to your Hylofit app now). Many apps also have the ability to see the heart rate in real-time on your wrist via an Apple watch (i.e. Polar). In addition, there are many smartwatch options. Our users have successfully used smartwatches such as Garmin and Polar with Hylofit in order to see heart rate data in real-time. 

Some of the popular smartwatch models that we’ve seen recommended often by riders include:

Garmin 310xt

Garmin 920xt

Polar m600

This is not an inclusive list, however, and many lesser expensive options are on the market. As long as the device you choose can pair to a third party device via BLE or ANT+, it should pair with the Hylofit transmitter.. The data it will give you will be specific to each device. 

To pair your Hylofit transmitter with a smart watch device, simply put the Girth Attachment on your horse and then go to the device’s pairing settings. As long as the Hylofit transmitter is actively reading heart rate, it should register to pair with your smart watch. Make sure to use gel and properly position the electrodes so that one is on either side of the heart. If you are pairing to an app on your phone, go to the pairing section within the app to pair the transmitter -- not to your phone’s BLE settings.

Can I use my Hylofit with another app?

Yes. There are many third-party apps that will read and aggregate heart rate data. The main difference between the Hylofit app and others is that the Hylofit app was specifically designed to collect the heart rate of both horse and rider. However, you are still able to track single  heart rate trends (of just your horse) in whichever app you prefer. While we cannot guarantee the functionality of any third-party app, nor can we provide support for specific apps, the BLE/ANT+ technology of the Hylofit transmitter will enable users to explore other app options.

Some examples of third-party apps that our users have had experience with include:

Fitiv Pulse

Polar Beat

If you have an app to suggest, please comment on our Facebook or Instagram page to share your experience!

Please note: the above equipment and app lists are not affiliated with Hylofit, so we are unable to provide support with functionality. We simply want to help our community find other options so that they can continue to monitor their horses' heart rate effectively. 

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