Unique Gift Ideas for Equestrians On Your Holiday List

Holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and it’s time to get creative for the equestrian in your life. For as much stuff as riders accumulate throughout their careers, it can still be a daunting task to find just the right gift for the horse person who seems to have everything they need. 

But not to worry! We’re here to help. Together with the Equine Tech Collaborative, we’ve got some unique ideas for how to kit out the equestrian on your gift list who’s tech savvy, organized, and in tune with his or her horse.

Finding the best gifts for equestrians can be a challenge, but this list should give you a head start. 

Gifting from the Heart: A Hylofit System ($299)

It goes without saying that horse health is of paramount importance to every rider. For the rider who takes their training seriously or who simply wants to back up their feel with data to ensure their horse is feeling ok, Hylofit’s wireless heart rate monitor for horse and rider is a useful tool. 

A clean and simple design, minimalistic features, and ease of use are just a few features that make Hylofit the perfect gift for the tech savvy equestrian on your list. 

A Clinic Entry with Their Favorite Rider: Event Clinics (Varies)

Some gifts don’t have to be material items. One of the most thoughtful gifts a rider would appreciate is an entry into a clinic with a rider they admire. Luckily, Event Clinics makes it easy to find educational opportunities in your area. You can book and pay for the entry through Event Clinics, and then just sit back and watch the recipient’s reaction when they find out what their gift is.

To add on to this idea, a paid or partially paid entry fee or competition association membership fee is also a great gift idea for competitive equestrians who are serious about training and performance.

(My Horse Just) Took a DNA Test: Equine DNA Tests from Etalon DX ($99+) 

Many riders have horses who come from unknown backgrounds. Why not give them the gift of DNA? Through Etalon Diagnostics, DNA tests that measure factors such as color traits, health risks, and temperament are available for curious horse owners. While you’re at it, grab a 23andMe test for the rider and have a DNA party! 

For the Organization Freak in the Family: A Subscription to Electronic Vet ($50+)

Record keeping can be a barn manager or horse owner’s nightmare. Paper records are difficult to keep track of, and when a rider is responsible for the care of multiple horses it can be a nightmare trying to keep all of the data straight. This is enough to drive any organizational fan crazy! This is where Electronic Vet comes in. For just $50 per horse, per year, veterinary records, vaccine records, and other medical documentation can be stored electronically, in a secure environment. 

Horse owners want to ensure their horses are well cared for and protected, and proper record keeping is a way to accomplish this. Solve an organizational issue for the barn manager in your life with this easy option!

Run That Barn Like Clockwork: Barn Management Solutions from BarnManager ($100+)

Another idea for the well-organized equestrian on your gift list is the innovative barn management software offered by BarnManager. Complementing products such as Electronic Vet, BarnManager is designed to host all sorts of records electronically, from competition records to supplements to daily schedules and everything else in between.

Technology such as this is designed to help riders and barn managers stay on top of their busy schedules. They’ll breathe a sigh of relief when they receive this practical and time saving gift! Good luck topping that next year…

For the Diehard Show Jumper: A Jumpfax Subscription ($6+)

For the show jumping rider who wants to be in the know, Jumpfax is the perfect solution. Jumpfax’s app gives riders access to live stream information, scores, prize lists, horse & rider profiles, and much more. 

Every competitive rider knows that knowledge is power. With Jumpfax’s easy-to-access database of show jumping information, the rider on your gift list will be set up well for the upcoming competition season. 

Shopping for equestrians can be a challenge — especially if you aren’t a rider yourself. These technology forward options are great gift ideas for equestrians who are serious about competing, who love to stay organized, and/or who love their technology as much as they love riding. 

Happy Holidays! 

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