Two Hearts, Explained: Covariation in Horse-Rider Cardiac Rhythms

As if there was ever any question of whether or not horses and humans experience synchronicity, now university students Grace Griffin and Daniel Howard have completed research that confirms this correlation with a little help from Hylofit. In 2018, Grace approached the Hylofit team with an inquiry about using Hylofit's wireless equine and rider heart rate monitoring capabilities for the research.  
You can view Grace and Daniel's conclusions from research conducted using Hylofit ride data below.
Click here to download the PDF of the image below.
We asked Grace for some background on her decision to study heart rate covariation in horse and rider cardiac rhythms. 
HF: What made you want to embark on this particular research project?
GG: I wanted to study horse-rider cardiac rhythms because I have always felt a connection to the horses I ride and I was curious if there was a physical, and not just emotional, aspect to that. I knew heart rate could tell a lot about the well being of a person and I wondered if it would tell the same about a horse. I also see a quote often that says “two hearts beating as one” with a picture of a horse and little girl and it got me thinking about the truth behind that.
HF: What role did Hylofit play in your research? 
GG: Without Hylofit, this research would not have been possible. I’m a student and doing an independent research project, I received zero funding and could not afford any products I found online. I reached out to friends on Facebook and all of them recommended Hylofit. I reached out hoping for some miracle that I could borrow one and I was in awe when a system arrived in the mail. My little research question was finally able to become reality!
HF: Has this study affected the way you relate to your horses now?
GG: This study has changed the way I think about my relationship with horses and it completely reinforced the internal feelings I felt about the connection I had with my own horse. My current horse, Owen, and I have had a pretty special journey and I have always felt a bond with him that went far beyond any relationship I’ve had with a horse before. Owen has been a major challenge for me but I’ve learned so much as a person and as a rider from him. Based on this study, I found that Owen and I had the strongest correlation out of all horse-rider pairs by a significant amount. It was really heartwarming to know that the bond I feel is now backed by science.
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