Training Smarter: Up Your Grid Game with Laine Ashker

Looking for some guidance in your daily training? We're here to help! Beginning in July, Hylofit will be bringing riders training tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ride with the help of some top trainers.

First up, we visit with event rider Laine Ashker, who is well-known for her #GOTD exercises that can be utilized by riders of all levels. 

Check out the video of this month's featured grid:

Now, here's Laine on how this grid exercise works. Remember, if you're not jumping yet, you can set this as a pole grid for similar effect! Be careful not to overface yourself or your horse by setting the jumps too high for your current level.

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"This grid is used to create straightness and better footwork (hence the v-poles front and behind) and work on rider position.

To set up:

9 ft raised cavaletti to vertical with v-poles front and back to 9 ft raised cavaletti followed by 2 shorter strides (33 ft) to an oxer.

The raised cavaletti and v-poles help with foot work to shorten the stride but keep the “jump” to the canter with the theory that this canter is maintained to the oxer as a direct result from the rider’s position."

If you have a video of yourself using this grid exercise, tag us on social media and use hashtag #TrainSmarter for a chance to be featured on our page!

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