Photo taken by - Shelli Breidenbach and Johnny Fogg

Batteries do not work well in super cold conditions. This is true across the board and not just with Hylofit. The cold actually preserves the life of a battery (this is why people put batteries in the freezer) but it essentially puts the battery to sleep so the transmitter appears to power down. If you have ever been out in the extreme cold and had your cell phone in an outer pocket, you know exactly what we are talking about. One second your phone has full life and the next second the screen goes black. Once the phone (or in this case the transmitter) is back in warmer conditions, the battery will come back to life. 


To address this, in wintery conditions we recommend you don't store the transmitters in a cold barn. If you do leave your transmitters in the barn, just put them in your front pocket to warm them up before snapping them into the girth attachment/chest strap and starting your ride.





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