Horses are athletes and should be trained as such. So much technology has invaded the world of human athletics and now similar tools are becoming available to the equestrian athlete. One of the most valuable data points for training is heart rate. Many people only use heart rate as a diagnostic tool to identify stress or a perceived injury. Hylofit is much more than a technology for diagnosing the rare events, it is a daily training tool to help equestrians reach their fitness goals and perform better.


The Hylofit System is the only heart rate training technology for both horse and rider. When two athletes are working together, it is important to know the impact each athlete is having on the other. By measuring the heart rate of horse and rider, Hylofit shows if you are in sync – working hard together – or if one athlete is doing the majority of the work. The Hylofit system tracks the training intensity for both athletes and a unique video capability enables you to capture video of the rides and overlay heartrate data from rider and horse so you can see the true impact of the training at any point. With detailed post-ride analytics like temperature, humidity and GPS data, Hylofit provides a holistic view to training that promotes variability for increased fitness and decreased injury. Remember – heart rate is not the effort you put in, it is your body’s response to the effort you put in…use Hylofit to better understand your horse’s response to the effort level you are requiring during training.


Next week at CHIO Rotterdam you can see a live demonstration of the Hylofit System. Tristan Tucker of TRT, an Australian FEI dressage rider and horseman, originally from Melbourne Australia and now based in Holland, is partnering with the Hylofit team to bring an objective measure to his showcase. Using Hylofit’s innovative technology, the heart rates of both horse and rider will be captured and broadcast in real time on the large scoring screen at the Interchem Arena at Rotterdam. The real-time display of both heart rates will clearly demonstrate workout intensity and stress, allowing spectators to see instantly the impact of Tucker’s natural horsemanship work.


The TRT showcase with Hylofit is a natural one. Hylofit “gives proof to the horse learning a technique of controlling his own physical state in a moment of tension and resulting in a direct lowering of the horses’ heart rate,” says Tucker. What before could only be assumed based upon how a horse responded to Tucker, can now be seen objectively through Hylofit’s live heart rate display.

Hylofit is the brain child of Eliane Cordia van Reseema of Jewel Court Stud USA. Hylofit is a wearable technology comprised of an unobtrusive girth attachment and an easy-to-use app. Hylofit gives immediate, in-ride feedback to the rider so informed training decisions can be made from the saddle. It is the smart addition to training regimes and an important tool for the competitive equestrian athlete.

Hylofit is currently available for pre-order and will be widely available later this year. At CHIO Rotterdam, there will be a Hylofit/TRT booth (Location N) near the entrance to the Village and Interchem Arena. All are invited to stop by and learn more!


Source: http://eurodressage.com/2018/06/21/hylofit-fitbit-horses-demonstrated-chio-rotterdam-22-23-june-2018



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