After a shifting of priorities following devastating fires in California, endurance rider Kristine Hartman's training schedule for her horses has seen some changes. Now, Kristine is proud to utilize the Hylofit system in her everyday training, as it truly helps her train smarter, maximizing the time she spends in the saddle.
Isabelle Bright is a competitive hunter/jumper rider who never predicted that she would be considered an influencer one day. Isabelle originally started blogging because of her dissatisfaction with the items that were available in her local tack store.

Hylofit was on the ground for the 3rd gathering of the Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit in Ocala, Florida. Hosted by Linda and Pat Parelli, this was an opportunity to learn techniques for understanding the mental and emotional states of the horse and to promote physical fitness.

Julia Chatigny is a competitive jumper rider who found her passion for riding at a young age. Throughout the years she trained with several Grand Prix horses to help bring her up in the ranks, but as time went on, Julia realized she wanted a horse of her own.

A Hylofit demonstration happens on location at the requested farm/riding area. You will ride with the girth attachment and a demo phone in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the Hylofit System. During your ride I will video and/or show bystanders the horse and rider heart rate in real-time.