After a shifting of priorities following devastating fires in California, endurance rider Kristine Hartman's training schedule for her horses has seen some changes. Now, Kristine is proud to utilize the Hylofit system in her everyday training, as it truly helps her train smarter, maximizing the time she spends in the saddle.
Fitness is an integral part of training for most sport horses, regardless of the level. We love working with Boyd Martin, as he consistently designs customized programs for each of his horses according to their fitness levels. And with Hylofit data, Boyd is able to fine tune his training even more.

Batteries do not work well in super cold conditions. This is true across the board and not just with Hylofit. The cold actually preserves the life of a battery (this is why people put batteries in the freezer) but it essentially puts the battery to sleep so the transmitter appears to power down. If you have ever been out in the extreme cold and had your cell phone in an outer pocket, you know exactly what we are talking about.

But since it’s not just the horse being measured, the rider also wears a heart rate chest strap. Riders can see the horse and human heart rate data via an Apple iWatch app in real- time while riding, or they can just check out the phone app afterwards for a full summary.