Setting Horses Up for Success with Hylofit

Jorg van den Akker knows a lot about reading horses' body language. His work with Tristan Tucker and TRT Stables in The Netherlands has brought Jorg a wealth of expertise on working with horses of all levels, ages, and temperaments. 

Working with sales horses presents new challenges every day, and having a deep knowledge of horsemanship has helped TRT Stables excel at finding the perfect matches for each horse. However, not every horse exhibits tension in the same way, and here is where Hylofit has become a useful tool in Jorg's work. 

"We work with a lot of youngsters and they don’t always show how tense they are," Jorg explained. "It is not always a good observation and conclusion that even the best horsemen make." Jorg says that Hylofit has helped him get a fuller picture of a horse's behavior, eliminating much of guesswork that goes into getting to know an unfamiliar horse. 

Take this example of a recent experience with a young sales horse. The horse demonstrated some tension that manifested with a higher heart rate than normal. Take a look:

In the above Hylofit Ride Summary, you can see that the mare began the ride with a heart rate that was nearly off the charts, all due to tension and anxiety. Throughout the course of Jorg's session, she was able to calm down considerably. 

Remember: you must set your horse up for success in order to make progress. Starting a ride off with this much tension could easily be disastrous without the right approach. 

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"[Hylofit] also makes clear that sometimes we think a horse works really hard and the Hylofit shows we are wrong," Jorg continued. "Even a grand prix horse that acts [as if] it has a hard time in the pirouette is sometimes only in zone 2."

Jorg says Hylofit has been beneficial for obtaining greater insights for each horse. Every horse is unique and handles work in different ways, so monitoring heart rate is a great solution to back up feel. 

Jorg says his favorite feature of the Hylofit heart rate monitor for horses is the real-time data that is available both on his Apple Watch as well as on his phone through the Hylofit app. 

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