On December 1st, Hylofit paired with the creator of the TRT Method, Tristan Tucker, and jumping Olympic gold medalist Rodrigo Pessoa. The pair came together to deliver a unique equine clinic, focused on ways to reduce stress and build confidence in horses. The event was a sold-out hit!

Hylofit, a new system that uses heart rate to track performance, set fitness goals and promote the well-being of horse and rider, was a key component of the show. Have you ever wondered… Am I pushing my horse too hard?  Or, am I not pushing my horse hard enough? Hylofit provides the answers to these questions.


Hylofit gives me information on how my horses are doing on a daily basis and what adjustments I need to make to my training. Understanding the heart rate gives me a real indication of their improvement. — Tristan Tucker


Tristan’s method teaches horses how they can be in control of themselves and the actions they take. To build communication and distress the horse, Tristan used groundwork as well as work under saddle.With the addition of Hylofit to track the heart rate of both horse and rider, the audience was able to see the effectiveness of the TRT method. Spectators watched closely as nervous horses walked into the indoor arena with heart rates above 100 bpm (beats per minute). As they settled into a routine with Tristan, the audience watched the horses relax, both visibly in their demeanor and objectively via heart rate. Towards the end of each working session the horse heart rates dropped into the resting heart rate range of 28 – 40 bpm. This dramatic decline in heart rate was definitive proof of the TRT tools and methods.


Hylofit is now a key ingredient in my clinics. People can see the truth that horses are able to be in control of their management system. The lowering of the heart rate in certain situations is certain proof that the horses are finding these situations easier." — Tristan Tucker


To further demonstrate the TRT Methods, Tristan worked with Rodrigo in the saddle. This allowed the audience to better understand the real-time changes in heart rate when the horse was presented with new methods and spooky tools such as yellow streamers, plastic bags, umbrellas and a clapper noisemaker. In addition to workload, heart rate is an indication of stress. Tristan intentionally introduces stressful stimuli and then teaches horses to handle themselves and control their reaction to the disturbance.



 With Hylofit, it is interesting to see how the horses react to the training… It really proves that when the horses do something wrong, they do get upset. And for me, that is something special to see.” — Rodrigo Pessoa


The clinic brought together some great personalities and exceptional horsemanship. It was a notable morning of shared insights and learning. The Tristan-Rodrigo collaboration presented a perfect showcase for how to build a better partnership with your horse. Hylofit was proud to partner with these great athletes and is looking forward to the next one!


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