Must Have Accessories for Riding with Your Phone

Many riders will leave their phones in the barn during their ride, but others prefer to carry it with them. Whether it's a peace of mind motivation or you just need to be reachable, carrying your phone sometimes becomes a necessity around the barn. 

If you ride with Hylofit's wireless heart monitor for horses and riders, you know that it's technology requires a phone to be carried on the rider's left side for the best reading and connection to the transmitter. This allows riders to see heart rate and speed in real time, enabling them to make adjustments to their ride as the heart rate changes. This information is valuable both for fitness as well as monitoring comfort and anxiety. 

Not all breeches or jeans are well-equipped with pockets for easily carrying a phone. We're often asked by our community what we recommend for carrying a phone on the left side without compromising freedom of movement or safety.

We've compiled a list of popular accessories for carrying a phone while riding. We'll release more lists like this in the coming weeks - feel free to add your favorite accessory by sending us a message on social media or to hello@hylonome.com! Note: we are not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this post and do not receive any compensation for purchases made.

What is the Best Cell Phone Carrier for Horseback Riding?

Truthfully, there is no one option that fits everyone. We took a look at what riders have been mentioning on social media and searching for on Google and put together this list of popular cell phone carriers or accessories for riding. Ready to join the Hylofit family? Shop here! 

OtterBox Phone Case with Belt Clip Holster (Prices vary)

A popular choice for riders, the OtterBox phone case is made to withstand even the toughest conditions. Add in the secure fit of the belt clip holster and you have a flexible option for carrying your phone right on your hip. 

Koala Super-Grip Smartphone Harness ($25.00)

This multi-functional phone "harness" has a clip that can attach to virtually anything. This seems to be a perfect accessory for the endurance or trail rider, or any rider who wants to keep their phone handy but not necessarily on their person. 

Running Belts (Prices vary)

Hylofit Marketing Manager Sally Spickard recently tried out a ride using her Nike running belt. Made mostly from elastic with a sizeable pouch that keeps the phone snug against your waist or back, the running belt made it easy to carry her phone even while jumping. 

Kerrits Freestyle Knee Patch Pocket Tight ($89)

These comfortable riding tights have pockets on both sides large enough to hold a smartphone. Many other Kerrits tights and breeches also have large pockets - look for a pocket on the left side for best results riding with Hylofit.

Woofhoof Magnetic Cell Phone Case ($12+)

This cell phone case is made to be strapped around a boot or leg for easy access that's out of the way. 

The Horse Holster ($31+)

This rugged holster comes in a variety of colors and has multiple attachments/accessories available to make it easy to carry your phone and keep it protected while on horseback. 

The Free x Rein Equestrian Hip Bag ($280)

For the stylish and practical rider, the Free x Rein Equestrian Hip Bag is a favorite of Hylofit rider Alexa Pessoa. This Italian cross grain leather bag will take you from the show ring to happy hour without a second thought. 

Have an accessory we need to add to our next list? Email us at hello@hylonome.com or send us a DM on social media (@hylofit)!

Featured image of Laura Graves by Monica Stevenson Equine Photography.

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