Make 2020 Your Year with This Exclusive Optimization Workshop

Optimize your training plan with insight from equine physiologist and researcher Carolien Munsters and Hylofit. Join this free, exclusive workshop for competitive riders and trainers on the evening of Wednesday, March 4 from 5-7 pm at Jewel Court Stud in Wellington, Florida.

In this workshop, riders will learn from both a lecture and a practical format led by Carolien Munsters. Learn how to better understand your horse’s readiness for competition, set and track fitness goals and gain insight on post-ride recovery tactics by using heart rate and other metrics.  The workshop will discuss:

  • Using heart rate and other data to track progress, enhance performance, and monitor recovery
  • Training and conditioning for all disciplines in preparation for competition
  • Using physiology to improve riding and balance

This event is free, but registration is required as space is limited to 50 attendees. RSVP no later than March 1 here or by emailing hello@hylofit.com.

About Carolien Munsters

Carolien Munsters founded Moxie Sport in order to help riders understand the science behind equine exercise physiology and how it relates to training and performance. An Olympic team advisor and a PhD in equine exercise physiology, Carolien is dedicated to showing riders how to make the most of their abilities by analysing their performance and devising a proper training plan. Moxie Sport has guided the Olympic eventing team, the youth team riders of eventing and endurance, reining team riders and  members of World Cup Driving and various Olympic dressage and show jumping riders.

About Hylofit

The Hylofit System is an equine wearable for monitoring heart rate that was designed to maximize communication between horse and rider and promote the overall health and wellbeing of the horse. As heart rate is an indicator of workload, stress and pain, Hylofit provides objective insight into the impact of training, environment and human interaction on the horse. 

About Jewel Court Stud USA

Jewel Court Stud is a year-round competitive training facility, dedicated to the highest level of dressage performance. Under the leadership of Eliane Cordia van Reesema, JCS is focused on continually improving training practices and techniques, through information sharing and technology.
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