What a weekend in Kentucky for Hylofit! This past weekend we launched our pre-sales effort to coincide with the LRK3DE in Lexington, KY. This event was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Hylofit and the benefits of training with heart rate to the eventing community. On Thursday morning, Liz Halliday-Sharp and her equine partner, Deniro Z, rode with Hylofit during the dressage test ride. Then on Friday, Liz rode a beautiful freestyle routine with Hylofit again, this time with equine partner, Fernhill by Night. Both showcases wowed the live audience as well as spectators around the globe who tuned in via the live web broadcast.

During the ride the horse and rider heart rates, and other key metrics, were visible in real-time on the large screen in the Rolex Stadium. Spectators were shocked to see how hard dressage routines can be for the human rider, as dictated by heart rate. Liz’s heart rate averaged in the 150s, which is similar to the average heart rate one sustains when doing a cardio workout, like a run. Amazingly, you would never know it to look at the athletes, which is why using heart rate as an intensity metric can be so beneficial for both horse AND rider.

LRK3DE is one of only six four-star three-day events in the world and the only one in the Western Hemisphere. It was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the value of training with heart rate and a great launch event for Hylofit!!



Check out the video of Liz’s freestyle routine above, or visit our Hylofit YouTube Channel for the latest event videos.

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