Hylofit Training Club Week 6: Training As Self-Care


We’re nearing the end of our seven-week training plan, and we hope you’ve enjoyed each week and learned a little something new about yourself and your horse. 

Right now, while we’re experiencing some enforced downtime, your riding time may be limited. Don’t let this discourage you. Some barns are limiting times boarders can come to the barn, and some are discouraging riding altogether while the country locks down amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you do get some time in the saddle, this week’s training plan is low impact and can be done in any setting. Think of it as a meditative, low stress way to practice some self-care and stretch your horse’s legs. 

This week, we want you to focus on your breathing during your training ride, if you’re able to do one. So often, we forget to breathe when concentration gets the best of us, or when we’re anxious, or a variety of other reasons. It’s helpful to have a reminder every now and then. 


We’re going to do something a bit different with this week’s exercise, in light of current events. If you’re feeling antsy, stressed, anxious, scared, or anything else — you aren’t alone. We are all in this together, and we will look forward to the return of some normalcy together. 

So, we want you to try some meditation this week. We found this helpful guide for some gentle introduction to the practice. Don’t be intimidated! It’s simpler and more helpful than you may think.


While you’re monitoring your own breathing, now is as good a time as ever to check in on your horse’s vitals. Check his breathing — what is his respiration rate? What about his resting heart rate? Temperature? Remember: doing this vitals check-in regularly gives you a heads up to anything abnormal.

If you're just now joining us, you can backtrack and start the #HylofitTrainingClub over from week 1 here.

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