Hylofit Training Club Week 4: Active Recovery

We’ve hit the halfway mark of the Hylofit Training Club, and we hope you’ve settled into a nice routine of conditioning to supplement your existing riding routine. These training plans are intended to be a guideline for horses ramping up for a show, coming back from injury, or who simply benefit from having a routine and structure.

Just now joining us? Feel free to start from the beginning using the below links:
HTC Week 1
HTC Week 2
HTC Week 3 

In all likelihood, you and your family have been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. We encourage all of you to exercise the proper precautions when spending time outside your home, including at the barn. 

The good news is, our horses aren't going anywhere. Yes, it's disappointing to see an entire spring season cut short, but this gives us that much more time to prepare, to spend time with our horses, and to remember our why. 

This week, we encourage you to take a bit of a break. We all could use one! No, we don’t mean chuck your horse in the field and leave him for a week (though if this is in your plans, we’re sure he won’t mind!). But taking a week of active recovery during your training can help prevent soreness, injury, and burnout.

Think of it this way: doing the same thing, every day, week in and week out, can be tiring and boring. Horses thrive on routine, but this doesn’t need to equate with drilling them day after day.

So this week, take a step back. Take a second Baseline ride to do a check in and compare against your first Baseline ride. What has changed? What has stayed the same? Anything surprising? Looking at your Baseline rides gives you an idea of if the training rides are helping your horse. 

Read more about comparing Baseline rides and why this matters here.

Feeling ahead of the curve? This training plan is meant to be customized by you! Here’s a sneak peek at Week 5 in case you’d prefer to skip ahead. 

Weekly Checkpoint: 

Exercise of the Week: We challenge you this week to, instead of doing a dedicated fitness ride, take your horse outside the arena or off the property. Try something new!

Read more about the importance and benefits of rest and recovery here.

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