Hylofit had a great night at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival last Friday, March 30, 2018. During halftime of the Nations Cup Final, Hylofit once again partnered with Tristan Tucker to bring a live horsemanship showcase to a captivated audience. Using Hylofit, the heart rates of both horse and rider were captured and broadcast in real time on the jumbotron.

Tucker has made a name for himself working with riders and their horses to improve communication and partnership through understanding and adapting training to suit the way horses perceive the world. He specializes in working with hyper-sensitive “spooky” horses and his teaching is focused on the outcome of a more confident and relaxed horse and a stronger horse/rider partnership.


During the demonstration, Tucker rode Jewel Court Stud’s Fellow. The two athletes went through a series of trials designed to put Fellow outside of his comfort zone and then Tucker demonstrated ground-work techniques tailored to the way horse’s “prey animal” brain works to handle and respond to potentially flight-inducing pressures. The impact of Tucker’s work with Fellow was visibly apparent to the audience via the real-time display of the heart rate on the big screen. The usually abuzz Friday night audience was transfixed on the demonstration and the Hylofit Team and Tristan fielded many questions following the event.

The TRT showcase with Hylofit is a natural one. Hylofit “gives proof to the horse learning a technique of controlling his own physical state in a moment of tension and resulting in a direct lowering of the horses’ heart rate,” says Tucker. What before could only be assumed based upon how a horse responded to Tucker, can now be seen objectively through Hylofit’s live heart rate display.

Our next live demonstration will be during the test ride at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. Be sure to come out and see us!


Learn more at here and at www.trtmethod.com. See the full Global clinic video on our YouTube channel

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