Eventing Conditioning with Pan American Eventer Karl Slezak

Whether your season is off to a late start (or not happening at all, depending on where you live), your horse is coming back from injury or time off, or if you simply want a structured fitness plan to follow, we've got just the solution!

Just as with any fitness endeavor, sticking to some sort of routine or program is a great way not only to establish routine but to gradually build your horse's body up over time. Slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to proper conditioning. Even at the lower levels of any sport, having at least a foundational level of fitness is vital to preventing injury and ensuring a horse is able to happily perform its job.

We tapped Team Hylofit rider Karl Slezak for his expertise on bringing an eventing horse into competition shape. This plan is suitable for multiple levels of eventing and can even be worked into a general program outside of this discipline. 

Click here to download the Karl Slezak Eventing Conditioning Plan for free!

Karl Slezak is a four-star eventing rider who represented the Canadian Equestrian Team at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Karl has been involved in horses for the past twenty years and in this time has worked with many young horses as well as produced nine advanced level horses. Karl has his “A” level in pony club and became an Equine Canada Certified level one coach. In 2002, he was the youngest male to be awarded the Ontario Horse Trials Leading Male Rider Award.

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