Hylofit took a first big step this past Sunday, October 1st, participating in our first live product showcase. The event was in the Netherlands at DressagePro Live. We used the Hylofit system on riders and horses to demonstrate the power of training with heart rate in front of more than 1,000 equestrian enthusiasts.

The theme of the event was Back to the Future. All of the featured clinics focused on different ways advances in technology are being used to change how we train to improve performance and prioritize the wellbeing of our horses.

Two members of our team, Eliane and Cees, participated in this milestone event for Hylofit —discussing the value and uniqueness of our product and providing live demonstrations. Hylofit measured the heart rate of several horse and rider combinations and spectators were able to see the heart rates of both horse and rider – in real time – on the big screen in the arena.


During the final clinic of the day, we partnered with Tristan Tucker and TRT. Tristan worked his magic with a young, three-year-old horse. As he demonstrated his technique for improving communication and partnership between horse and rider, the impact of his training techniques were immediately visible on the big screen via Hylofit. Spectators were amazed to see the horse’s heart rate drop significantly, from 174 bpm to 57 bpm, in less than a minute as Tristan went through his method of teaching the horse to be confident in his own skin and relax from within. Huge thanks to Tristan and the TRT team – we are excited to continue this partnership!

Overall it was an exciting day for our team. A big thanks to Conny Loonstra and DressagePro Live for including us. This event was the first of many for Hylofit as we continue to schedule clinics and provide live demonstrations.

We also aired our first promotional video -- check it out below.

More exciting updates to come!


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