Hylofit recently partnered with Christoph Hess, a well-known FEI judge for eventing and dressage, at clinics at Magnolia Farm and Frederick’s Equestrian International last month. Originally from Germany, Hess is a professional riding instructor and former director of dressage training for the German National Federation (DOKC). He has spent his life focused on understanding what the horse truly feels while under saddle and encourages riders in a positive manner.

Hess emphasized “what it means to be a good rider… having a system but with the flexibility to adjust it. Even before you can control the horse, you have to first control yourself, as almost 99 percent of problems with a horse are caused by the rider.” During the two clinics, riders rode with Hylofit to understand the importance of using heart rate while training. By generating a concrete and tangible stream of information, Hylofit encourages riders to readjust and improve their workouts, and riders gain a better understanding of how to support their horse’s development and wellbeing. Hylofit data was also broadcast to spectators, allowing them to see the tangible connection between horse and rider.


Under Hess’s coaching and encouragement, horses and riders both relaxed into the work resulting in better self-carriage with reduced effort and stress. Hess emphasized the underlying principle that, “if a horse is harmonious, happy and willing, you are on the path to achieving our first goal of wellness and health in the horse.” Hylofit was proud to partner with a clinician who is at the top of his profession and teaches with the wellness of the horse in mind. 


The Hylofit system is now available for $349 plus a membership plan.


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