Calculating Equine Energy Expenditure and Caloric Needs Using Hylofit Data

Leah Wellard MSc is the lead nutritionist for The Feedroom Nutrition. She has dedicated her research and career to improving the general health and happiness of horses by taking a data-centric approach to nutrition.

Just as with ourselves, tracking nutrition, caloric requirements, and energy expenditure are key components of building the right nutrition program for optimum health. The decision on how to feed your horse, how much to feed, and how much exercise should coincide with that feeding schedule is not one to take lightly.

Leah partnered with Hylofit early in 2020 to create an easy-to-use Energy Expenditure Workbook that allows horse owners to use their heart rate data to calculate energy expenditure and, as a result, better inform their decisions on caloric requirements for each horse.

“There is a linear relationship between HR and oxygen consumption, and another linear relationship between oxygen consumption and energy expenditure,” Leah explained.

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From this information, it’s possible to directly correlate heart rate to energy expenditure. Over time, this data could be useful for feeding and nutrition. Leah says this project and all of her focus at The Feedroom Nutrition (where she offers individual consultation services to horse owners all over the country) has taken on a whole new meaning for her.

“I felt it was such a need in the industry,” she said. “in order to progress our sport we really need to change our mindset and nutrition is a way to really easily start making changes and improvements.”

To download the Hylofit Energy Expenditure Workbook for free, click here (note: this is a large file. You can download a .zip file of the workbook here). To learn more about how this workbook operates, watch this video:

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