Being A Solution: A Letter from Team Hylofit


To our Hylofit family and all of the equestrian community:

We’ve been a bit quiet over the past days. It’s certainly been a tumultuous 2020 - and now we find ourselves in the throes of a major and overdue revolution. But it’s not simply enough to post a black square with no follow through.

We received a private message calling attention to the lack of diversity on our social media feeds and advertising. And we believe that the first step in creating a solution and a more inclusive world for all equestrians is to acknowledge this industry-wide issue that includes ourselves.

We can do better than this.

So it is our commitment, both as a company and as the individuals who run it, to create more space for the voices of others. We have an opportunity to create a more diverse and inclusive community for equestrians and the horses they love. We don’t have all the answers, but we want to learn from you and collectively find them. We want to collaborate with other brands and riders who want to effect change together. 

So here’s what we’re committed to doing:

  • Promoting and creating space for more equestrians of color through our platforms and partnerships
  • Collaborating with other equestrian brands and small businesses to promote diversity and inclusion industry-wide
  • Opening ourselves to feedback and input from individuals regarding how we as a brand can be a better ally

Where do we go from here?

We’d love to collaborate with equestrians of color, access programs, nonprofits, and anyone else who wants to join us in being a part of a solution. We are dedicated to supporting both horse and rider health and wellness through data and look forward to spreading the importance of heart health to every part of our industry. We’ll be spending more time learning and seeking out collaborative efforts and invite you to reach out to us if you’ve got an idea brewing.  
If you'd like to talk about a collaboration or have a tip for us, please email sally@hylofit.com or hello@hylonome.com. 
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