2020 Updates and Additions from Team Hylofit

We are in an exciting time here at Hylofit. In 2019, we celebrated our one year launch anniversary, and after a very successful holiday sale we were able to expand our user base significantly. This means more Hylofits on more horses, and more riders learning about their horse’s health and happiness. 

But we aren’t stopping there.

We have a few changes to our product line-up that we wanted to share with you after extensive market research and collection of feedback. Here is what’s new for 2020:

Hylofit is now just $249, down $150 from its original price. We want as many riders as possible using Hylofit, as we believe heart rate data is important for any horse, at any level, of any age. 

The Hylofit App is now free*, so there is no more membership requirement. All features of the app are available for full use. 

We are now offering a few “a la carte” options on our website. For riders who may have a need, we now sell the horse and rider transmitters individually. This is perfect for riders who may need an extra transmitter or who perhaps only want one of the two transmitters. Electrode gel is also now offered for sale on our website, and we highly recommend using this for stronger and more consistent readings. 

For our users who are eager to have some further resources for using Hylofit to help condition their horses, we’re also pleased to announce that we have some exciting and useful content coming your way in just a couple of weeks — stay tuned for more, or you can sign up here to join our free training support email list. 

Happy Riding! 

*If you are an existing paid member, you can now cancel your subscription through the original source (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Your account will automatically revert to free, and no features or data will be lost. Have questions? Email us at hello@hylonome.com.

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