To our Hylofit Family and Friends:

November 2, 2020 - Four years ago, when we began our journey to develop a best-in-class heart rate monitor for the equestrian athlete, we weren’t sure what to expect. Breaking into a tradition-rooted industry with new technology is always an uphill challenge, but it was one we were ready to take on head first.

The past two years in the market have opened incredible doors for us. Educating equestrians about the value of using heart rate in horse ownership and performance management has been exhilarating and rewarding. However, 2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses, ourselves included. With so much uncertainty still on the horizon, our team has had to make a difficult decision.

It is with high heads but heavy hearts that we announce that Hylofit will cease operations at the end of 2020. This was not a decision made lightly, and we want you all to know how much we value and appreciate you.

Shutting down a business is even harder than starting one. We learned so much from all of the people we were lucky enough to work with over the last few years. Though the statistic, 99% of all start-ups fail is widely accepted, we always assumed we would be part of the 1%. We firmly believe heart rate is a critical factor for smarter training and know that it will only become more of a mainstay in the equestrian space. We are proud to have been part of the progressive training movement in our sport.

So, what comes next? During the next two months we will continue to support the app. The good news is that the Hylofit hardware can be paired to work with most any heart rate monitoring applications.

Simply pair your horse transmitter to another heart rate app (Polar, Garmin, Fitiv Pulse etc) to record your rides, monitor your horse’s heart rate in real-time and view post-ride analytics. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are so grateful for your support over the last two years and are deeply saddened that the current pandemic and associated uncertainty has made the future of our business untenable.

Thank you for being a part of the Hylofit family.

Eliane, Kate & Laxmi

What Is Hylofit?

Hylofit is a new wireless heart rate monitor for horse and rider that uses zone training to set fitness goals, track performance, and prevent injury.

Why Do I Need It?

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an Olympic athlete, monitoring your horse's heart rate can help eliminate guesswork and track progress in your training.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! Hylofit uses Bluetooth technology to capture heart rate data in real-time and delivers powerful training insights in a unique mobile app.

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One Goal, Two Heart Rates

Strengthen your partnership with Hylofit. 

The phrase that 'you learn something everyday' cannot be more true than with horses. I think it is an unbelievable benefit to be able to relate with them closer through Hylofit. You learn something every day.

– RODRIGO PESSOA, Olympic Showjumper

We’ve always gone to get the 3 day event horses fit by simply estimating the speed we need to train on the gallops. Now with the Hylofit we have a much better means of measuring scientifically how hard we can push our animals.

– BOYD MARTIN, 4 Star Three-Day Eventer and US Olympian

We are always trying to prevent injuries so knowing how my horses are doing every day, how fit my horses are or are not, has been the most important and exciting benefit using Hylofit.

– QUENTIN JUDGE, Professional Show Jumper

Hylofit is such an important product. Knowing the horse’s heart rate can really help us get our horses through a tough spot!

– DANA GLASS, Natural Horsemanship Trainer / Cowboy

Hylofit has given me fact-based feedback on my horse’s and my own riding condition. I find the stress triggered spikes in bpm particularly interesting when deciding how to approach training.

– ALEXA PESSOA, Numerous National and International Grand Prix Victories

The Hylofit System is ideal for riders who rely on others to help train their horses providing a valuable overview of the training sessions while they are away.

– TRISTAN TUCKER, Founder, TRT Method

Hylofit is a crucial part of my training program. It gives me evidence based technological data so I can create effective sessions, track development and monitor fitness levels of both me and my horse.

– CLAIRE GALLIMORE, Winner of Bronze team medal at U25GP European Championship 2018

Hylofit's combination of heart rate and speed data is an incredible asset to our training program and competitive success.

– DOUG PAYNE, 4 Star Three-Day Eventer

I saw Hylofit in action on a 22-mile ride and was impressed with the ease of use, comfort for horse and rider, and most important, the data the rider received on her horse.


Hylofit is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the horse industry. I have been beyond impressed with the customer service, marketing and technology affiliated with this company.

– DIXIE KENDALL, Endurance Rider

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